Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Frankie & The Phantoms - Rock ‘n Roll Band / Smiffy -See You Later

Frankie & The Phantoms –Rock ‘n Roll Band/ Jamburger –RCA LPBO 5013 1974 (UK)

The A side is a heavy crunching stomper. There are shades of Wizzard/ Eddie & The Falcons but the outcome is much much wilder. The raspy vocals are shouted and the guitars rip and tear over a cool Glitter Band baritone sax underlay. The song is just the same 3 chords over and over, but it’s catchy as f**k.. Again not idea who this is, but the ghastly B side is a muso jam session…

Smiffy –See You Later (Little Baby Love)/How Can You Be A Millionaire –Antic K11501 1974 (UK)

Similar in a way to the Frankie & The Phantoms single, as it’s a guitar/ sax rocker with Roy Wood overtones, but it’s a more commercial venture altogether adding glockenspiel and backing vocals to the mix. Smiffy must in fact be the producer Peter L. Smith, but on the execrable B side he might as well just be Peter SarstedtPUKE! More of cute period piece than an outright corker, it’s still a nice find.

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