Saturday, June 10, 2006

Snapp – Cheat, Cheat

Snapp – Cheat, Cheat/ So Many Reasons –Cube Records BUG 45 (1974 UK)

Produced by John Worsley, Cheat, Cheat is a fun and authentic 60’s girl group recreation full of castanets, cavernous echo and teenage girl vocals. It’s very surprising that this dates from ’74 as the single captures that Gold Star sound so perfectly. The vocal delivery is somewhere between the Dixie Cups and The Tammys ( Egyptian Shumba) and falls just the right side of cute…All together now…you’re a CHEAT CHEAT!

Click below for soundclip


The Time Machine said...

This is a record that I would love to hear. Thanks for the info!

Purepop said...

Once I'm technically sorted, I would like to be able to post the tunes themselves or at least snippets of them.
All the best

Steve said...

Robin, you're evil. I've got the gas bill, the dog's due at the vet and the alimony's a killer. Still, the Snapp hunt is on.