Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Records that sound like The Flamin' Groovies pt 3

The New Legion Rock Spectacular –Wild One/ Second Cousin –Spectacular Records 11075 (1975 US)

The A Side is a rowdy version of Wild One with cool distorted electric piano and panto rockabilly vocals. It ends up sounding like a collision between Jerry Lee Lewis and Suicide on Chipmunk drugs…But it’s really the B Side that interests us here as it’s a carbon copy of The Groovies' Second Cousin. They have the sound down pat and when you first hear it you would swear that it was an alternate mix off Flamingo. The guitars are Jordan/ Lynch through and through, the vocals are pure maniac Roy Loney (albeit a bit forced ) and the drums emulate Danny, even if the snare skin is tighter…but what’s the point you may ask? Well…er…It’s fun and the guys really rock out on both sides of this single. They later released an album and I think they covered Heading For The Texas Border on it. Eat your hearts out Raconteurs


Collin said...

Me again. Great minds, etc., etc:

Steve said...

Tell you some other record that sounds like the Groovies: "Don't Wanna Make You Cry" by Blue (Zuma, 1982, UK). Blue had been capturing the heart of a nation on the Rocket label, but this one was released privately. Realistically, there are far worse things in life than sounding like the Groovies, aren't there?

Purepop said...

Hi Steve
Interesting. Some of their 70's stuff had Badfinger touches at times...but The Groovies?...would this be the Sire era sound? I will investigate...Thanks