Friday, June 30, 2006

J.C. Livingstone –Momma Was A Steamroller Lady

J.C. Livingstone –Momma Was A Steamroller Lady/ OO La La Me – Penny Farthing BF 18223 (German issue 1973 )

Don’t be fooled by the toothy Donny Osmond grin as an evil smirk and darkness lies within… Propelled by savage pounding drums and featuring a nifty slide riff and brash guitars, Momma Was A Steamroller Lady (what a great title) is a real blustering rocker somewhere along the lines of Fortune Teller with a bit of Jumpin’ Jack Flash thrown in for good measure..

Momma was a steamroller lady, sister had a problem or two
Poppa was a freeloading son of a gun who never left money for food
But we were high high high…

This is Glam Rock filtered through 60’s garage Punk and it’s a real classic through and through.

Click below for soundclip

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Steve said...

Sounds better than it looks! Nice one. Great drums.