Friday, June 30, 2006


Frog –Pourquoi Pas/ Dragster –Philips 6042 287 (France 1977)

Yep, you read it right… this came out in 1977 and not 1973. It’s a marvel that these guys were wearing those outfits and still proudly sprouting those damn ‘taches by then. Check out those yellow boots, that gorgeous red creation and the arrogant French sneer of the owner. It looks like the guy in silver has just been “seen to” by those Great Danes as part of the group’s new drummer initiation ritual, he won’t be any trouble now anyhow…

The sleeve is a classic even if the record isn’t -Pourquoi Pas is an amiable Gallic rocker in a let’s-go-out-tonight-and-have-a-good-time type of way. The B side Dragster is more interesting: It’s starts off like Interplanetary Twist for 10 seconds and then goes into jolly rock mode until….
the tempo shifts and The Frogs turn “English” - One by one Hollywood sunshine, two by two Hollywood my blue… followed by a voice over telling us to move away from your Dragster…very puzzling.

Oh and The Frogs are dressed by Daily Blue…


Colonel Apeshit said...

I'm new to the internet and I having been looking in vain for some top shelf material to which I could knock one out. Thank you for posting a picture of 5 guys with a large dog and enormous moustaches. It really did the trick and I am now going to have a lay down.


Sounds like they were deep cover French intelligence (sic) agents working on an unlikely glam rock disguise tack. Looks like it worked, too!

smythe said...

Hey, I saw a Frog 45 on ebay a few months back but I feel like it had a different pics sleeve (Maybe dutch version) I could be wrong about it being different. Do you know if this was their only release?

Purepop said...

There are at least 3 more singles on Philips:

monie monie/le mouchard
je fais de la musique / mon enfant
mal suivi de mes reves d'enfance /rideau rouge
You can find these on