Sunday, May 07, 2006

New Release: Stingray Green

Stingray Green –Hard Numbers - HCI 6453 (2006 US)

Somehow straddling the AM dial between The Raspberries, Boston, Sunshine Pop and The Small Faces; Stingray Green marks the return of Dan Sarka, Kent Militzer and Dan Boardman who fronted the 90’s Power Pop cartoon band The Vandalias (2 very cool albums on Big Deal). This is one of those rare albums that you could leave on automatic replay as the soundtrack to your day. I haven’t tired of it yet and I keep playing it over and over, which is a rare feat for a new release in this day and age. It also helps that the album has 10 songs and lasts just over half an hour... Dan’s voice is still as distinctive as it ever was…think of an inbred Eric Carmen on a collision course with a mutant Carl Wilson with a little Justin from The Darkness thrown in for good measure. The songs are all great - from the straight rocking Go Home, the pathos of Good Intentions, the 70’s riff rock of Bad Batch –just dig those gorilla grunts punctuating the chorus. All Over You would be a perfect single and brings together everything that is great about this band: An infectious melody, fantastic wild guitar twiddling and glorious harmonies.

Purchased through April ‘06

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