Sunday, May 07, 2006

Flamin' Groovies The Complete Sire Recordings

It looks like it's on its way soon...Flamin' Groovies - Complete Sire Recordings 1976-79 (2CD). Due for release on 22/05/2006
No more information yet, but it's bound to include all the tracks missing from the DBK issues and a real bargain at £12.99!


James D said...

Cool, let's hope we get re-mastered sound, the CD I have of "Shake Some Action" on the Australian Aim label sounds a little flat, would be nice to get an upgrade and hear the other Sire stuff too.

Paul Wood said...

The recent CD reissue of Shake Some Action has a better sound than the AIM CD release.

A Japanese CD release of Shake Some Action was also listed at the time (a few years ago now) when the Japanese versions of Now and Jumpin' were released but I have never seen a copy.

If you buy all three current CD reissues there is not a lot of point in getting the 3 CD box set (although the box itself is quite a sturdy plastic and the cover is good - the Groovies shot outside the Marquee) (Yes I confess - I bought the three single CDs and then still had to get the box set).

Hopefully though the 2CD set does pick up all the extra tracks fom the UK releases etc.