Tuesday, April 25, 2006

New Release

The Handcuffs “Model For A Revolution” (OOFL Records BH1020906) US 2006

The Handcuffs is the new venture from Brad Elvis (Elvis Brothers) and Choe F. Orwell. They both headed Big Hello who made 2 great albums and some wonderful live performances in a high energy female –fronted Cheap Trick mode. The Handcuffs stand proud above the stagnant molasses of today’s emasculated scene. Think Pop, think Power with a sprinkling of updated garbage and glam
All Shine on is possibly their most beautiful song and performance yet...to the light (reminds me of Poltergeist). Personally, I see dead people...Can't Get The Girl would be a great single -fantastic production. Check out the video at
http://www.thehandcuffs.com/. Peggy Moffitt is really bouncy and gorgeous...like my favourite ladies. love the little dut dut dut bit. Great song, performance and production (even the weird bit). It brings a big grinto my face when I listen to it. Sex and Violins is clever and fun with it's tongue planted firmly between 2 cheeks...Stradivarius positions indeed! Excellent! First Bossa Nova Somehow reminds me of Indiscreet period Sparks. Beg Me Beg Me is nice and sleazy, but as always FUN....real catchy chorus. Jet Baby could be another real contender for single status, if they could edit it down to 3:20...
The album hit rate is really good, the performance and production are spot on. It's really great to have them back.


Jacques_ said...

Hey Robin,
Thanks for pointing this one out, it is great nervous stuff. I enjoyed the video.
looking forward to more of your "perfect taste" choices.
Les amateurs des Groovies ont toujours ete de vrais connaisseurs !

Purepop said...

Thanks Jacques there's more to come...

John said...

Hey, I like the review...I'm the son of the base guitarist(Kozmo). We hopefully have a band website some time this year that will feature songs, bios, video, etc...I'll keep you posted