Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Nick Farinacci –Don’t Be a Fool – Cracking obscure 70s Midwest Powerpop

Nick Farinacci –Don’t Be a Fool/Trying Every Way I Can – Smile Record -475-23 (US 197?)

Nick Farinacci was a talented Anglophile Pop provider out of Cleveland (OH). It seems he was on a one man mission to deliver his vision of Pop perfection as he plays and sings it all by himself. 

As far as I can see he only released 2 singles, this one and You're Wasting My Time / Hold On To What You've Got on Edcom in 72. I am assuming this one came out shortly after, but it’s a Google “0” so no fact to back this up.
Anyhow Don’t Be a Fool is a lovely example of Midwest Powerpop, all catchy and jangly, played and sung just right. The B side is another kettle of fish, being some kind of Gilbert o’ Sullivan going Toytown while aiming to represent Luxemburg in the Eurovision song contest...

Hear a full sound clip of both sides


Tom sorrells said...

Popsike shows an album and a PS for the other single

Robin Wills said...

Hi Tom
Yes, I have now seen the mock up private LP cover, just 4 copies of the other single cover stuck on. Sold for a whack on a Japanese website