Sunday, August 19, 2018

Robin Goodfellow – Why Am I Waiting – Obscure UK Glam-era Pop (1973)

Robin Goodfellow – Why Am I Waiting/ Love You ‘Til Friday –Pye 45271 (UK 1973)

Robin Goodfellow was the talent behind Gideans League UK Bubblegum cracker” Hey! Did You Know You've Got Your Face on Upside Down” but also released 2 unheralded UK 70s pop singles both with a nod to Glam. I reviewed the 2nd one a few years back, you can find the review with sound here Robin Goodfellow -You Know Me Now
Now is the time to post his first solo single. Both songs are great Glam era Bowie-like concoctions often resembling Graeme Grace. The tracks feature arresting production values and arrangements, just a shame more wasn’t released…A singular British talent for sure

Hear a full version of Why Am I Waiting

Hear a full version of Love You ‘Till Friday

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