Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Black Moon Evil Wolf -Good Day Feelin’ –Obscure US Hard Rock (1973)

Black Moon Evil Wolf -Good Day Feelin’/ Searching For Nothing –Rains VPI-7301S (1973 US)

Black Moon Evil Wolf…God, you’ve got to love that name and the record itself nearly lives up to it. This track nails it, the drumming is stellar full on pounding throughout, the tune and the monotone riffing is also up there while the vocals resonate disinterested Punk attitude. It is just a shame that the lead break is organ-based and a bit pointless… now if only we had a blistering screeching Guitar lead instead. Out of Knoxville Tennessee; Black Moon Evil Wolf seems to have only presented this entry to the near Bonehead Pantheon.

Hear a full version of Good Day Feelin’

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