Monday, November 20, 2017

Dave Dean –Motorbike - Obscure NederGlam (1976)

Dave Dean –Motorbike/Make This World Worth to Live In –Poker S631 (1976 NL)

It’s been a while since I posted about an obscure Dutch Glam single, but here we have a bit of classic in terms of roaring Biker NederGlam that doesn’t hold back on the level and prominence of engine noises. 
Dave Dean was in fact a pseudonym for Dick Joustra who played in Zingara (who released the Glam Cruncher Girl, Girl, Girl. Here he comes under the tutelage of producer Jacques Zwart, who in turn was in the band Amsterdam. Dick (as Dave Dean) also put out another single in 1974 “The Man” that is much less interesting than this one. In the meantime saddle up and go with the roar…

Hear a full a full version of Motorbike

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