Monday, July 03, 2017

Sarawest –Saturday (Hot & Heavy)/ Space Rider –Canadian Heavy Freak (1974)

Sarawest –Saturday (Hot & Heavy)/ Space Rider –Vintage Records SCV 2024 (1974 Canada)

Sarawest was a Toronto band who played around clubs at the time and released this lone single distributed solely through the Record Villa record store on Yonge Street
It’s a cracking double-sider with Saturday (Hot &Heavy) being the outright rocker and Space Rider, as it title indicates, the heavy psych excursion. Both sides are full to the brim with stunning heavy freak guitar moves, transposing 1969 into 1974, which indicates they must have been a blinding live act.

Hear a full version of Saturday (Hot & Heavy)

Hear a full version of Space Rider

It seems all copies came in this Record Villa bag

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