Monday, June 05, 2017

Heavy Gun –High Class Woman

Heavy Gun –High Class Woman/You’re on My Mind –Golden Voice 834G 12715 (US 1970)

 Heavy by name, Heavy by nature, Heavy Gun’s sole single is a real sludge-fest of a dirge further emphasised by its murky mix. However it is rather splendid in its lo-fi obscurity with all the ingredients of a Heavy Bonehead classic including cowbell, fuzzed-downer guitar and dumbed down vocals. Out of Illinois, this is one of the hardest singles to find on the Golden Voice label, and may be a duff pressing as there is quite a lot of surface noise when the copy of the record itself is pretty much unmarked. Anyone else got a copy? 

 Hear a full version of High Class Woman

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Anonymous said...

So good. Is there a b side ???