Sunday, March 05, 2017

Alladinn - Come Home, Come Home

Alladinn -Go Pray For Tomorrow/Come Home, Come Home –Philips 6012 163 (1971 NL)

Produced by Dutch near genius producer Hans van Hemert, this duo’s release schowcases the infancy of Long Tall Ernie and The Shakers, as Alladinn features  Arnie Treffers (Long Tall Ernie himself) with Marjo Schenk (Steven Giles). Yes, before greasing back his hair Arnie was no Ernie, but a dank scummy hippie
This being 1971, the A side Go Pray For Tomorrow is a type of My Sweet Lord revamp, nice feel and orchestration but this is not where this single is at in my opinion (although you could force a slight Dennis Wilson similarity, if you try very hard...). The B side on the other hand is much more interesting. 

Come Home, Come Home is a smooth proto Glam groover with some delightful popsike interludes. Again Hans van Hemert excels himself for combining the T. Rex –like (Or Little Sammy Gaha?) strings, those psychy parts all consolidated together by the cowbell propelled beat. If anything the delivery and production reminds me of some of the material Paul Ryan ( e.g. Natural Gas or later Paul and Barry Ryan B sides) was attempting a couple of years later.

Hear a full version of Come Home, Come Home

Hear a full version of Go Pray For Tomorrow

PS: I nearly managed NOT to mention the spelling…

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