Friday, January 20, 2017

The Act -Cobbled Streets

The Act –Cobbled Streets/ One Heart –Columbia DB 8179 (1967 UK)

There were/are countless bands deriving influences from obvious sources (Beatles, Who, Stones etc…) however there were also some more quirky and unexpected role models, perhaps not throughout a recording career, but on specific releases such as The Casuals Tara Tiger Girl (Move), Sparky(Do You Remember That) Summertime Woman (Troggs). Here is a surprising case of a band trying to emulate the genius of 66/67 Easybeats. OK Friday on My Mind was a huge hit, but here Essex band The Act delved deeper reprising elements from Happy is The Man, Made My Bed, Remember Sam or other lesser known Easybeats gems. It’s a very enjoyable affair and a fun near-facsimile which assembles the parts that make up the essence, although not quite the genius of Vanda, Young and co.

Hear a full version of Cobbled Streets

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