Thursday, January 12, 2017

Rescue Co. No. 1 – I Want To Save You

Rescue Co. No. 1 – I Want To Save You/ Amanda - JAM 14 (1972 UK)

The question is –how much more “Move” can you get? I won’t say none more as that accolade must go to The Casuals with their Tara Tiger Girl (  I Want To Save You just really feels and sometimes sounds like The Move in their prime, especially in the vocal and melody department. Over a pseudo light Glam rolling bedrock, this superb tune delivers on many counts, its total pop structure  has many twists and turns, but what really sets this apart is the surprising orchestration. Those horn stabs and swirling strings remove the performance from pure Roy Wood to something else, just not sure what. This is still my fave Rescue Co. No 1 recording and was collated on a fine compilation of their work a few years ago

Hear a full version of I Want To Save You

Next another soundalike....

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