Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Kindness –Oh Yea

Kindness – Let The Good Times Roll/ Oh Yea – Decca F 13318 (1972 UK)

Kindness was Smokie before RAK and the name change. Even with the truncated spelling; Bo Diddley’s Oh Yea(h) comes out unscathed from its Shadows of Knight interpretation through the 1972 Glam prism. Great pounding beat, handclaps, cutting guitar and a real raspy vocal delivery from Chris Norman, sounding like none other than Bon Scott. The A side is how you expect it to sound, no more, no less

This one of the 150 or so spares, with around 80 unplayed UK demos that I will be listing today (28th December) or tomorrow at set prices before going the ebay way… If you want me to email the list - send me your email address (my email is on my profile page) or private message me on Facebook.

Hear a full version of Oh Yea


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