Sunday, July 31, 2016

Macura –You Make Me Feel

Macura –You Make Me Feel/There Comes a Time –Macura Music KM 101 US 197?)

Here’s a great obscure one, which would fit nicely next to the Wowii singles. Probably released sometime between 76 and 79, the guy who found it stated it sounded like a bunch of bikers who had just discovered The Ramones. This is partly true, but it goes to a whole different level with the twin lead guitars, the affected double-tracked vocals and underlying acoustic strumming. The performance works due to the different elements somehow blending together.  As mentioned it’s got a certain Wowii (Hoods) feel to it as well as that under the radar Velvets influence in a similar vein to Third Rail’s Bad Ass Bruce

This Macura single is part of a bunch of records I have that seem to partly acknowledge Punk (or pre Punk) but don’t launch themselves full hog into Plastic Punk territory. The B side is more of the same;  in a more 70s channeling the late 50s kind of way.

What of Macura? It all seems to centre around one Karl Macura out of Bakersfield, California. If it’s the same guy, he passed away aged 54 back in 2004 and this is how he was remembered
“Karl was an accomplished artist. His gift of painting and drawing was only surpassed by his passion for music. Karl’s love for the guitar led to over a thousand pieces of original music. Even though he was a consummate songwriter his family and friends knew him best for his ability to make everyone laugh…”

“A thousand pieces of original music”? Nothing else seems to have been released, but I would love to be proved wrong!

Hear a full version of You Make Me Feel

  Hear a full version of There Comes a Time


gabriel alexander said...

Wow! I love this..the double tracked vocals/dual leads, reminds me of
DONNY DENIM "Rock n'Roll Love Afair"-"Hey You"45..I usually don't reccomend 90's stuff but incase you haven't heard it..check out on YT. Thank you so much for sharing great 45s! - & for being a BARRACUDA!

gabriel alexander said...

Been looking for this..looks like release date was 1978..So your right about it being influenced by Punk..Such a killer 45!I really hope an LP of demos will pop up someday