Monday, May 16, 2016

Brethren –New Day

Brethren –New Day/ Heather –Ruda Bega Records 0001 (1972 US)

New Day is an excellent early 70s drawn out yet punchy Psych track which relies heavily on the guitarist’s nifty hooks. In fact the lead guitarist seems to have just learned Layla and attempts to play it throughout the track. The track gets heavier as it progresses and it’s a highly enjoyable ride
The melody of the B side Heather is VERY reminiscent of Free Bird (released in 73), but with a slight Doug Yule 3rd Velvet feel. As Lynyrd Skynyrd toured extensively down south prior to signing to MCA, it’s possible that Brethren were somewhat inspired by a live rendition, unless… Lynyrd Skynyrd stole the ideas from Brethren…in which case a law suit should ensue, if it’s not too late for Spirit, why not Brethren?
Although the exact origin of Brethren is unclear, there were certainly from the South as PRP pressings tended to be from The Carolinas, Georgia, Tennessee or Arkansas. As per usual more info always gratefully received...

Hear a full version of New Day

Hear a full version of Heather

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Anonymous said...

Actually Skynyrd cut several versions of 'Freebird' before their 1973 debut album.
At least 2 of these earlier recordings have been officially released subsequently.
The first, from 1970, was recorded at Shade Tree Studios & opens disc 1 of the 'Collectybles' CD.
Version no.2, from 1971, was recorded at Muscle Shoals Studios & is on the 'Skynyrd's First' CD.
Puts a bit of a dent in your theory concerning Brethern, unless there's some record that they first recorded their song pre 1970.
I do totally hear the similarity right enough, could it just be mere coincidence?