Thursday, March 31, 2016

24 rare and obscure singles for sale on ebay

I have just listed 24 singles. 21 being the usual mix of rare Glam, Proto Punk , Psych and Bonehead Hard Rock. 3 of them are special ones, so they have reserves on them. I have never listed with reserves before, but the reserve amount is usually around 50% or less of their potential value. All have sound clips. I didn’t have the time to list all I wanted, so expect a part 2 in a month’s time
Happy hunting

Follow the link: EBAY LISTINGS HERE

Full Listings March 2016

Paul Cass - Mini Marianne/ Medecine and Wine - Killer GLAM Proto Punk 1974 Hear!
Bacchus –Teen Queen -UK Junkshop Glam 1975 Hear!
Red Fox -Walking Through The Blue Grass - Psych/ Glam Stomper -1972 Hear!
Messengers - In The Jungle/Way a Woman is PSYCH Dancer picture sleeve 1971 Hear!
The Ash Band -Let's Go -Aussie Bonehead Cruncher RARE Pic sleeve Hear!
Finch -Out of Control- Aussie Grilffat Bonehead Cruncher Picture disc 1973 Hear!
Hobnail -She's Just a Friend of Mine -Pic sleeve - Glam Stomper -1972 Hear!
Panther -One Man Band - Killer GLAM The 3rd Pantherman single! 1975 Hear!
Whistle -The Party Must Be Over -Obscure UK Glam Cruncher - Demo 1973 Hear!
Rats - Don’t Let Go/ Dragon Child -Glam Stomper - Pic sleeve Hear!
Rockstar (Ace Kefford -The Move) -Over The Hill/Mummy Demo -1976 Hear!
Castle Farm -Hot Rod Queen -UK Junkshop Glam/ Bonehead Cruncher 1972 Hear!
Hector -Wired Up - Original UK issue –Proto Punk FUZZ Mayhem 1973 Hear!
Heatwave -9-9-9 /One Eyed Man Welsh PROTO PUNK 1975 Hear!
Boppers -Cleveland Dolls/ Rocket City -Wild obscure US Proto Punk -1972? -Hear!
At Last The 1958 Rock n Roll Show -I Can't Drive- Mott The Hoople Demo1968 Hear!
Bullet (Hard Stuff) -Hobo -John Du Cann 1971 Hard Rock/Proto Punk ACETATE Hear!
Hamlett -Vampire Man -UK Freakbeat Proto Glam Monster -Demo 1972 Hear!
Little Big Horn -Just a Game - Killer Heavy Psych Dancer -1970 Hear!
Abacus - Indian Dancer -Crunching Glam classic -Pic sleeve - 1974 Hear!
Bear Brothers –Red Shoe Trucken/Bondiago –Fuzz Afro Glam Stompers 1972 –Hear!

The 3 with reserves

MC5 - Looking At You/ Borderline ORIGINAL issue Near Mint -1968 Hear! "PREMIUM"
T Boones -I Want You -HEAVY Swedish Freakbeat Mod Mayhem-1967 Hear! "PREMIUM"
Phil Spector UNRELEASED Acetate Gold Star –I Love Lucy Demo 1966 Hear "PREMIUM"

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