Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Pelican Peace Band –Take it off

Pelican Peace Band –Take it off/ Glory Road -Heads Up Production ‎– WS-101 (1973 US)

Power trio featuring Steve Dykmann, Danny Silvester and Kent Huss. Take it off is a hot hot example of killer US  Proto Punk supremely loud and heavy, oozing attitude and featuring some ripping blistering lead breaks. From Des Moines (Iowa) the band later evolved into Sky Dancer over time following different line up changes. The Chicken House credit may provide a direct link to those other Iowa legends Westminst'r. Brutal, Rockin’ and Totally Essential!

Note: Purepop may be changing. Blogs have to move with the times with many people now accessing the site through phones and tablets, so posting the sound clips on Youtube may be the way to go. So I have started my channel, let’s see how it works, feedback most welcome here or on Youtube itself

Hear a full version of Take it Off


Anonymous said...

Wwhhooaa - hot sh*t, man!

Anonymous said...

Moving the tunes to YT seems like a good move. Just hope you keep the write-ups.

Anonymous said...

What Anonymous 1 said.


itsallpop said...

I saw them many times in Omaha - always loud and always good. One infamous evening - to a group of stoned hippies - they came out and opened with Hanky Panky and did sixties band unison steps . Then onward with their heavy sounds. I had a wonderful knowing smile on my face the entire time - no doubt.

Anonymous said...

The band on the 45 at that time was Kent Huss Lead Guitar Tim Tyler Vocals Randy Zirbel Bass and Backing Vocals Jim Priefert Guitar And Ron Hill Drums we recorded this 45

Robin Wills said...

Suck a killer 45 thanks for commenting. Are any of you sitting on any copies of this 45? I know people would pay a good deal to secure copies. If you want you can contact me on email (my email is on my profile page) thanks Robin