Monday, January 11, 2016

Mammoth –Mammoth

Mammoth - Sensations (Head to Toe)/ Mammoth –United World Records UT-01970-001 (1970 US)
Mammoth came out of San Antonio (TX) and the fittingly titled Mammoth was to be found on the B side of a lightweight piece of Psych. Here the bands thump and grind in most HEAVY fashion over what sounds like a Stoner version of Mr. Soul and leave any musical pretensions safely at home. However this was not the case later, when the band morphed into “Der Tremoloids” who might as well been called the haemorrhoids as their awful progressive Jazz Rock leanings is bound to give you piles

Hear a full version of Mammoth

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Ivan Retroff said...

Ahha, t'es drôle, mec! hey, I mean it; Ivan