Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Grunt Futtock – Rock ‘n’ Roll Christian

Grunt Futtock – Rock ‘n’ Roll Christian/Free Sole –Regal Zonophone RZ 3042 (1972 UK)

There’s surprisingly little in the way of information on this release. Surprising as this was a real supergroup made up of Roy Wood (on lead vocals), Steve Marriot, Peter Frampton and Alan Bown plus it was produced by Andrew Loog Oldham! Although released in 1972, I have the feeling the recording session would have taken place earlier at the transition point between the end of The Herd and the beginnings of Humble Pie. Another clue is that Roy was no longer on Regal Zonophone in 1972. Rock ‘n’ Roll Christian is in fact a rousing, near Crunching Glam, take on Jimmy Webb’s Dorothy Chandler Blues (released in 1970 on the Words and Music LP) a weird choice, but that’s Roy Wood for you! The B side is more experimental and soundtrack panoramic  and is probably Roy Wood having a bit of fun with orchestration (using the Edward G. Reed pseudonym?) I love the sound on the Be My Baby drums at the close...
So all in all, it’s a bit of a transparent mystery, I would love to have known how these sessions came about.

Hear a full version of Rock ‘n’ Roll Christian

Hear a full version of Free Sole


Anonymous said...

I have an Apple custom acetate of this song. No artist is credited. Could it be Grunt Futtock trying it out for the Regal Zonophone release? John Murray http://thessalypress.com

Robin Wills said...

I am sure the name came much later. Is it the same version?

Anonymous said...

Not sure. Can't play the disc at present. Apple were apparently pressing custom acetates from mid-1968 to 1972.