Friday, November 20, 2015

Utrecht Record Fair November 2015: Day 1

So it really began in earnest...only this time it felt rather flat. I was there at 7:10am as the first dealers drove in, but by 9am, I had only found 3 singles! Normally I have upwards of 30 by that time.

Some of the regular German singles guys had less in the way of 60s/70s stuff, more 80s. Also I no longer have the urge (and patience) to go through 10.000 cheap singles in one swoop.

But as the day went on, I found some good stuff, main winners included the 32nd Turnoff Italian only single, but I will only spend one night with this tiger as it is destined to someone who has been looking for it for years.

The Thane Russall and Cape Kennedy Construction Company are the main personal finds.

Of interest is the self-released  Dutch Trash single a buzzing proto punk take on Johnny B Goode 1973)  and the Weird Swedish Don Curtis single (1969)

Let's see if the excitement levels  rise tomorrow...Well John Sinclair will be there, and there's the live Auction which includes some great MC5 stuff. Storage Wars, here we come...

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