Thursday, July 09, 2015

A Little Shopping Trip: Hoorn Record Fair July 2015

One of those spur of the moment things…Receive notification email about the fair one day, when merry on wine a smartphone on hand and pronto a cheap EasyJet return flight with a 6am departure is booked…
Hoorn is a picturesque Dutch town north of Amsterdam on the shores of the Ijsselmeer lake (well it used to be the North Sea, but those crafty Dutch subjugated it). Once a year the Utrecht record fair people (who also have record shop Dropstyle) organise an outdoor fair that curls around the City centre with over 75 dealers in tow. There was a good turn out of dealers, with some Utrecht regulars along with more opportunist dealers. I must have gone up and down the fair 3 times, and although mainly Dutch dealers, there was an abundance and a good variety of items and mainly on vinyl. So the catches, some great new discoveries including…

The phased out Heavy Psych of The Sub

Belgium’s Mustang and Melrose Abbey with a couple of killer Boogie work outs

Another great one is Holland’s Gallery with The Problem.

More Lowland heaviness with Jeronimo’s No No No

No sound clip, but the crunching Heavy Boogie of the Crunching She Rolls by Pluto is also pretty cool

And the rest of the bunch? Of particular note is the late (Dave Allen and) The Arrows exercise in heaviness with Little Big Horn


And 1 LP. The  Dutch issue of the second Sir Lord Baltimore LP. Although an uneven affair that pales next to their first outing, it features a wonderful one-off cover that better fits the band

Anyhow it was a fun day trip, felt pretty knackered coming back. Would I return? Yes, but more likely as part of a record shopping trip checking out other shops in Holland and Belgium. As proved here, there are more lowland lowlife 45s to be found.


Wallaby Beat said...

Love that Cole Younger

Doctor Gaz said...

Hi Robin,

I wondered if you've ever come across this 45 on your travels;

I read somewhere that it's a good 2-sider and maybe your kind of thing

Robin Wills said...

Don't know the Baishin. It has been described as "epic" and has organ, ,so don't know...