Monday, April 06, 2015

Stumpwater –Turn Me on Woman

Ronnie and Natalie -6 Times/ Stumpwater –Turn Me on Woman –WMC Records (1975 Canada)

Beware Canadian content! Stumpwater emanated from the outlands of Nova Scotia and this is actually the B side of the single which they shared with Ronnie and Natalie. Stumpwater were without any doubt a killer combo supremely loud and heavy, oozing attitude and a rampant sexuality, but not quite as rampant as on the other side which features Natalie Pollock who co-hosted The Pollock and Pollock Gossip Show and who’s screeching vocals complement Ronnie. Judging the size of Natalie’s ample bosom, it is no wonder Ronnie managed to get it up 6 times a night…This single will soon be re-released on the Supreme Echo label, who have already released the Twitch, Sphex and Triton Warrior with much more cool stuff to come.

Hear a full version of Turn Me on Woman

Hear a full version of 6 Times

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