Friday, January 16, 2015

Snow -Sunflower

Snow -Johnny B. Goode/ Sunflower - Castle 108 (1970 US)

Snow was the new name for Negative Space following the release of their Hard, Heavy, Mean  & Evil LP (also on Castle). Fronted by Rob Russen and based in Trenton, their tenure as Snow was short-lived and they seldom played beyond New Jersey. Johnny B. Goode was in fact the A side, but is no more than a perfunctory version, however the B side is where it’s at. A bit overlong, Sunflower features softer interludes between bouts of intense rampant riffing. Although not quite meriting an Ultimate Bonehead accolade, Sunflower stands in its own right as a prime example of lo-fi early 70s heaviness.
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Heavypsychmanblog said...

You can find both tracks on the Negative Space Living dead years Cd