Thursday, October 02, 2014

Galactus –Live With Me

Galactus –Live With Me/You Can’t Win –Airship 6042-22 (1976 US)

Continuing the Swamp Rats’ (Psycho!) tradition of only releasing cover versions, lead singer Bob Hocko reappeared in 1976 with Galactus. Live With Me is a gritty near-Proto Punk rendition of The Let It Bleed number instilled with crunching guitars and snotty vocals. They also surprisingly cover the Kinks Kontroversy obscurity You Can't Win  on the B side. I am sure their sole LP (Cosmic Force Field) is worth hearing as it includes a cover of The Move’s Do Ya which should work great based on the performances on this single. Galactus is of further interest as it also featured Jim Wilson, the Creme Soda (Tricky Zingers) bassist

Hear full versions of Live With Me and You Can’t Win

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