Tuesday, September 23, 2014

K.G. Young –Spider

K.G. Young –Spider/ Spider Woogie 9th Movement –CBS 4302 (1969 German issue)

K.G. is in fact Brill Building songwriter/producer Kenny Young whose long and varied career encompasses many fine Girl Group, Bubblegum, Purepop and novelty (Yellow Dog) sides. Spider is a fine specimen of late 60s Psych Pop featuring fine line in orchestration and arrangement. This single is an astute blend of melodicism and quirkiness which could have appealed to kids as well as the more sophisticated pallet

Hear a full version of Spider

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Holly said...

Thank you very much for sharing 'Spider'. I hope one day to hear the flip, but yikes! This is definitely a coveted 7'' based on discogs pricing, well out of my range - I hope you got a good deal ;-)