Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The New Lords –T.V.

The New Lords –Radio/T.V. –Columbia C006-30419 (1971 Germany)

The Lords were (and still are?) the longest serving German Beat group. Although their best (R&B and some near Psych numbers) was also offset by some more radio friendly comedic sing-along stuff. By 1971 the band had split and the short-lived New Lords incarnation only featured Ulrich Gunther from the original band with younger cohorts in tow. They managed to put out an LP under the new moniker along with a single culled from that album, however the two tracks presented here were exclusive to this release. The coupling of T.V. and Radio makes this a concept single of sorts. Heading in a more Heavy direction T.V. is a real corker. It is Euro Hard Rock of the highest order and sits nicely next to Propeller (featuring Achim Reichel and Herbert Hilderbrandt from that other German rock dynasty –The Rattles) The A side is also superb but in a more radio friendly manner but with plenty of twists and turns including some surprising backward guitar. It is a shame that The New Lords didn’t continue in this promising direction as this line-up of the band split in ‘72

Hear a full version of T.V.


Hear a full version of Radio


andreas wunderlin said...

Fantastic Single Thank you

Anonymous said...

Both sides kill. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Great single, good to see this gem on purepop.
On a related note, are you familiar with the great (proto-)glam two sider "Rock'n'Roll People/King Of America" by Wonderland Band (formerly Wonderland, of "Moscow" fame) from ca. 1971?


Robin Wills said...

Now, I only knew Wonderland. Just made an offer on a copy...let's see