Monday, June 23, 2014

Twelve o’ Clock –Easy Come, Easy Go

Twelve o’ Clock –Easy Come, Easy Go/Baby, Baby, Baby –Imperial 5C 006-24 643 (1972 NL)

A bit of a Dutch mini-supergroup (featuring various ex Brainbox, Cobra, Machine and After Tea members) who only managed this one single during their 72-74 existence. Easy Come, Easy Go is a delightful overtly pop number that didn’t know shame; repeating its chorus over and over…Anyhow it sticks in the mind and fits right in with the best in Dutch 70s Pop with a sprinkling of late 60s Kinks and early T. Rex with a very evocative lead vocal and a mighty hook. The B side is more dreamy with some nice backward guitar.

Hear a full version of Easy Come, Easy Go

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