Thursday, June 05, 2014

Transfer –Play It Cool

Transfer –Play It Cool/How Can You Change Me –Self Release - S80 24809 (1974 US)

Time to name a mini genre here…. I could just about file this under "Records that sound like The Flamin’ Groovies" (Flamingo period), as it has that tight gritty rhythm guitar groove very much like FrÜt’s Snatch n’ Grab It in fact. Other tracks in the genre could include Midwest’s Heaviness or Homegrown’s Loaded. It’s not heavy enough to be classified as a Bonehead Cruncher, it’s not Rural Rock, but it stands at the tail end of Garage with a tight and streamlined sound featuring a noticeable Stones influence. Anyhow not much can be found on Transfer, they seem to have operated out of Duluth Minnesota and that’s about it, unless someone out there knows more. Thanks to Collin for another hot tip. Enjoy!

Hear a full version of Play It Cool


Anonymous said...

Another awesome tune. Thanks for such a consistently amazing blog.

Holly said...

Wonderful! Thank you.
How's the flip?

Robin Wills said...

flip in inconsequential

Dave said...

Sorry to be the annoying matrix-sniffer here but the Wakefield pressing plant number dates this record to 1974 instead of 1969 as the e-bay sellers have been listing it. Still, it's a very cool record. Thanks for posting it.

Robin Wills said...

Good stuff...thanks Dave. 1974 is my favourite year anyhow