Friday, April 11, 2014

Utrecht Record Fair April 2014 -Day 1

Reporting back from Utrecht where the first day was not always the usual fair...

First things first. The records. One thing that has changed in the last couple of years, it that it has become more and more unlikely to pick up cheap  Glam/Proto Punk singles. There are still plenty of cheap singles, but where you could unearth gems before, the word is now out and you are now likely to find them in the €20 -€50 bracket. Some dealers  even have Junkshop Glam sections on their stalls. Still there is plenty of great stuff out there although you may now have to pay a price.

A great mixture of classic Garage Punk (Haunted / Oxford Circle and Freakbeat (The Dakotas' The Spider and The Fly) along with great Supachief and Jerusalem pic sleeves. The choice of the bunch might well be Scorpion's It's All over Now/Wolf's Mouth Song (Sweden)

At Last The 1958 Rock and Roll Show features Ian Hunter on bass.

Some more Glammy stuff including 2 entries from East Germany, fierce Gallic Punk and the  pre Fickle Pickle single by Samsun. Particularly nice is the I Drive Superstar single.

Thanks to Mauro who got a full cheese fondue together behind a record stall (with Absinthe!) which provided much relief from the Frikadelen and frites...

Guerrilla Fondue
Fondue Terrorist

Bring on tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Mmmm.. I did find a mint condition of Longdancer for 5 pounds, extremely rare however I feel some dealers were a bit too enthusiastic with their pricing I mean 'Court of the Crimson King' for 200 Euro , bought it the next day in Amsterdam for 20 Euro. I did notice they were a bit bitter on the Sunday yet those who were Euro friendly were cooking ?

Anonymous said...

"The word is out" and you have been spreading the gospel, Robin! Good work!!