Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Scorpion –It’s All Over Now

Scorpion –It’s All Over Now/Wolf’s Mouth Song –Green Light/MNW 0020-MNW-37 S (1971 Sweden)

One year on from the Kim Fowley infused I Am The Scorpion LP, Bo Anders Larsson returns with this two sided Killer single. Kim Fowley doesn’t appear to be present this time, but both sides are strident examples of top notch early 70s rock at its best. It’s All Over now is the Valentinos/Stones classic, although credited to Wally Whyton who recorded a song of the same name in the late 50s. Anyhow the version here is full of proto punk venom, wild yet fully realised in its own setting. Wolf’s Mouth Song is a heavy stoner instrumental with hard guitar to the fore which positively screeches by the end. Hot stuff!

Hear a full version of It’s All Over Now

Hear a full version of Wolf’s Mouth Song

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Ozzie Music Man said...

That;s a great version of the old classic like it