Friday, April 04, 2014

Carriage Company –The Beasts

Carriage Company –The Beasts/Come Along –CBS 4144 (1969 Belgium)

The Beasts was the first of 5 singles released by this great Belgian outfit. It is also the most far out of their releases. The Beasts is just full to the brim of ideas from the Biblical opening to Fuzzed out Heavy Rock through Easybeat chord changes all the way to the Sleazy Blues/end Freak Out. The Beasts is an incredible trip, but God knows what they were trying to do. The singer does a wonderful job out-taxing Wally Tax and shines across both sides while the guitar playing is cutting and a model of controlled lunacy. The B side Come Along is slightly more sane, but still a raucous affair featuring again some great guitar and further tempo shifts

Hear a full version of The Beasts

Hear a full version of Come Along

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