Saturday, August 31, 2013

Unknown Acetate –Further Away From You/Jailhouse Rock

Emidisc Acetate –Further Away From You/Jailhouse Rock (UK 197?)

 A complete mystery here, can anyone provide anyinfo? I expect this acetate only got as far being a hopeful demonstration tool which most likely got turned down by whoever was offered the opportunity to further their careers. The only clues are the names I. Hall and C. Patmore (it takes some guts or sheer stupidity to appropriate the song writing credit for Jailhouse Rock!) Sonically, I would place the recording somewhere between 1972 and 1974, the overdriven fuzz guitar is full of intent, but low on delivery. Inept yet charged up to the max. The song and performance falls somewhere between rock and roll revival, Crunching Proto Glam and no holds barred dumb heads down Boogie. It may be stretching it a bit, but the version of Jailhouse Rock has a certain MC5 Back in The USA feel to it. All high energy with dynamic drumming, although the guitars are far from any Sonic Smith/Kramer interplay. Any ideas? 

Hear a full version of Further Away From You


Hear a full version of Jailhouse Rock



Anonymous said...

This is better than Elvis!


Lenny Helsing said...

Hey Robin, I see you've put 1977 as a possible reference date for this unknown acetate. I've often wondered myself if it could've been recorded that late since it does definitely have that'77 ish late pub-rock, yet uncontrived, amateurish punkness to it. Well here's hoping we find out who was behind it and thanks again cheers Lenny PS - in reply to the 'better than Elvis' comment...yeah wonder what he would've made of it...come to think of it 'Further Away From You' would've been a great song for the 'Pres to do...

Anonymous said...

Fantastic song (further away from you) my favorite find for this year , thank u very much.Is there any chance to putt it here @320 quality ? I love to play it loud while i drive my car :-) Greetings from Belgium , Tom.