Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Rarest Flamin' Groovies single? Have You Seen My Baby -German Pic Sleeve

The Flamin' Groovies -Have You Seen My Baby?/Yesterdays Numbers -Kama Sutra 2013033 (1971 German issue)

Featuring two killer sides from their Teenage Head LP, this pic sleeve was only released in Germany at the time. This is only the 2nd copy I have seen; the photo is presumably from 1970 and a Kama Sutra promo shot. I believe that this must be the hardest Groovies cover to find, with the 2 versions of the UK 1972 Slow Death single coming in a close second.

Hear a full version of Have You Seen My Baby?

Hear a full version of Yesterdays Numbers


Paul Wood said...

I'd certainly agree with the "rarest" Groovies tag. I've got loads of Groovies stuff but I have only ever seen a picture of this - the nearest I came to having a copy was when I got outbid once on Ebay. It just looks fantastic.

Apart from "one off" Groovies acetates of course! For example, the 1972 acetate of Married Woman/ Little Queenie/ What You Need is A Shot of R&B which was never released in that form. I assume you still have it?

Jealous of Birmingham.

Nick said...

Hi Paul,

if you want to talk about the copy sold on eBay last October, I'm the man you love to hate!

Very rare indeed but the dutch Slow death (one copy seen on 28 years) or the Feel a whole lot better on 7" (two copies seen on 28 years) are also very hard to locate.

You call this 3-track 10" UA acetate a "one off", well let's call it a "two off" a I do have a copy too.


Robin Wills said...

Slow Death Dutch probably seen it 5-6 times in the last few years. I got my Married Woman acetate from a finish dealer. Feel a Whole Better 7"...I didn't know it existed until I bought it last year