Thursday, June 13, 2013

TNS –Time’s Up

TNS –Time’s Up/Telling Your Fortune –TNS 111372 (1972 US)

OK, not only Bonehead Crunching time, but crackling time as well as this is copy is ahem…well played. TNS was from Grand Rapids (Michigan), originally known as The TNS Blues Band, they shortened their name to TNS in time for the recording of this bona fide crunching classic. It has all the ingredients, a heavy pulsating beat, really meaty and overdriven guitars, killer lead and pure PUNK vocals…I mean this is real Iggy-type stuff. Both sides are ace, but Time’s Up wins in the Stoogian department; Telling Your Fortune being a Chicken Shack cover.. The line-up was Allen Martinez (vocals), Steve Barkwell (bass), Dave Dehoog (drums) and Randy Nichols on guitar. Guys –if any of you ever read this please get in touch. We need more info and I need a better copy!

Hear a full version of Time’s Up

Hear a full version of Telling Your Fortune


Dude Behind The Record Counter said...

THANKS so much for the KILLER tracks...

Unknown said...

Great songs. Too bad there wasn't an entire album, as I would have loved to explore further.But thanks to the band for giving us these 2 great songs.