Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bad Luck –Le Motard

Bad Luck –Le Motard/ Terre de Feu –self-released 144.018 (19? Switzerland)

“I’m a biker, not a delinquent” goes the chorus of this misplaced slice of not so-hell-bent-for-leather Biker Thug Rock. The fact that the band came from Yverdon a centre for watchmaking in Switzerland rather than Hicksville Oregon or Detroit partly explains their safe positioning. However why does the singer spout theses inanities with such venom, why do the guitars roar louder than any Japanese bike ever could? Why is the performance so bestial and why do they sound like they really MEAN it man?. Information will probably become available soon. A colleague will be posting “information” wanted posters in the local bars in downtown Yverdon.

 I am sure the single was financed by the local motorbike shop and to add extra Swissness they were also sponsored by the local insurance company!  BTW, you could be mistaken in thinking the band was called Moto Systeme, but that name appears to have been the shop. The likely lads were Guy Niederhauser, Claude-Alain Humberset, Eric Fitze, Cannon Mayerat and Olivier Staempfli. They appear to have been members of the Les Dragons motorcycle club based in Les Tuileries - Shudder…

Hear a full version of Le Motard

Hear a full version of Terre de Feu


Anonymous said...

probably from '81. there's another 45 by these guys, which is less good.

andreas wunderlin said...

There's now (oct./16) a reuisse out of this Single with another B-Side "New World" The Record is limited on 100 on Static Record/Germany