Thursday, March 21, 2013

Stand-By –My Girl/ Rock and Roll is Here to Stay

Stand-By –My Girl/ Rock and Roll is Here to Stay –Marktown (1974 NL)

From the rural depths of Friesland (NL) comes this (final?) missing piece in the NederGlam puzzle as Stand By are none other than Black Fire; authors of one the crunchiest slices of crunchiness known to man, the great Do It   . After 6 years searching for it, I must thank Jos and guitarist Syds  for finally having this single in my hands. Housed in the most fluorescent pink sleeve (it’s so pink that my scanner couldn’t handle it, so I had to use my camera!), their debut single is very much a self-produced affair:
Syds Schat “Black fire was active from 1975 untill about 1981. From 1972 untill1975 the band was called Stand By. The line-up was the same we only had another drummer. The single My Girl was recorded in Breda in the Tony Dirne Studio, we paid for it ourselves and sold the records during our gigs. We didn't have any experience in recording…”
OK so this single it is not as loud or in the same class as Do It, but Rock n Roll is Here to Stay is heartfelt and a pure Saturday night Barn-stormer, whilst My Girl is  a good and catchy number by a band still finding their feet. Following this release the band would meet producer Ad Van Olm and the rest is NederGlam history… Jos will soon be featuring the Stand By/Black Fire story on his NederGlam site Black Fire have now reformed and are active to this day!

Hear a full version My Girl

Hear a full version of Rock and Roll is Here to Stay

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