Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Razz Band –Some Like It Hot

The Razz Band –Some Like It Hot/Baby Make Love –No label (197? US)

Great Proto Metal/Punk single, of which next to nothing is known, Written by Ronnie Lee (Venus and The Razorblades’ own Joan Jett) with Kim Fowley, the Razz Band do a great cover of their song. From the sound, I guess is that this single probably came out in 78/79… Some Like It Hot features some cool snarly vocals over a high octane performance, the middle part also reminds me of a less effete Quick. The B side is a bit more mundane in its Hard Rock approach, sure it rocks, but it lacks the attitude of the A side.
It looks unlikely that this single went beyond a few promo copies and I can’t find any clue of where the band were from, although LA looks like an obvious location due to the Fowley connection. There’s another version of Some Like It Hot by Ronnie Lee on the Canadian Permanent New Wave LP. (Thanks to Jan and Collin)

Update: Here is another piece of the jigsaw. A handbill from 1977...It looks and feels like the right band. (Thanks to Linda for the pic)

Hear a full version of Some Like It Hot

Hear a full version of Baby Make Love


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the chance to hear these.
Dale Ombarto.

Anonymous said...

Interesting one...Great Guitar work. I asked Kim Fowley about this band/ song yesterday. He said only " I remember recording them, but nothing else..Never heard the 45 " typical KF reaction! I suspect Venus & Razorblades guitarist Steve T. on this, Same tone & likes as VRB recordings & a KF studio go-to-guy back then. Nice find, especially outside of LA.

Robin Wills said...

Thanks for looking into this...so the mystery remains! Please give Kim my best

Anonymous said...

Not bad but not great either. B-side is better than the A-side. B-side is best before the singing starts though.

Juan Kerr.