Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Dug Dug’s –You Better Think Twice

Dug Dug’s –You Better Think Twice/ I Have Got To Run Away From Here –RCA SP 5095 (1978 Mexico)

To be honest it’s mainly the pic sleeve that warrants this single’s inclusion here as it perfectly transposes 1974 into 1978! The look is just killer, whereas the sounds are just amiable and vibrant. Mexico’s Los Dug Dug’s had a long career from the 60s into the 80s and are heralded in some parts for their earlier more psych material as well as for their El Loco LP. Although this single came out in 1978, it is likely that the recording and cover shot was from 1975, although this needs to be confirmed. Anyhow it was released after the group had been dropped by RCA.

More info here: http://raybrazen.webng.com/dugdugs/index3.htm

Hear a full version of You Better Think Twice

Hear a full version of I Have Got To Run Away From Here

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El Guajolote said...

Hi Robin, this was released when they were still signed in RCA, they dropped from RCA in 1985 or 1986, when they recorded a rock album that has nothing to do with their psychedelic/progressive material from their 1968-1975 albums/singles or their late 70's glam/hard rock/prog stuff.