Sunday, October 21, 2012

Which is The Coolest?

Now which is coolest? The poster for the last Hollywood Stars gig featuring the first live appearance  from a three piece Runaways (Sans Cherrie) or the German Captain Groovy and His Bubblegum Army poster (in the background)? Photo by Roberto CalabrĂ²


paul k. said...

Holy crap! Where'd that Captain Groovy postet come from?! WANT

Anonymous said...

I prefer the one with The Runaways on it.


Maude Lange said...

Oh the nostalgia . . . I was at the Stars/Runaways show at the Whisky. It wasn't actually the Stars last show - more like the first show for the second version of the band. The original Hollywood Stars - with a different singer, song & sound - were Whisky stalwarts about 2 years earlier. The guitarist posted a few of the orig. version's songs on his website, including King of the Nighttime World (later covered by KISS) and the lilting, lyrical Supermen Are Always Gentlemen. If only.