Thursday, July 26, 2012

Speers –B.C.R

Speers –B.C.R/You –Polydor 2054171 (1976 DK)

What it is with Danish bands and perfect hair? As with The Children and Walkers, Speers sport perfectly groomed barnets. What of the contents? Well B.C.R is a rampant and crunchy ode to The Bay City Rollers no less. In fact it is probably one of the best Roller tributes, it certainly is the fuzziest and rockiest of the bunch. Lyric-wise who knows? If there are any Danes watching, a translation of the lyrics would be most welcome.
PS: A copy of this single was recently put for sale at an exorbitant starting price on ebay by a well- known dealer couple. It has now appeared in their online shop if anyone feels that way inclined…

Hear a full version of B.C.R


Anonymous said...

Another great tune. Thanks, Robin!

Anonymous said...

hahaha, the one on the guitar, is my father!

Anonymous said...

Hello- I am the singer on this record.
I am the guy with the longest hair at the left side on the cover.
Funny to see and hear an old record of ours suddenly appear this way.It would be a pleasure for me to translate it into english,comming up in a few days !
Could you lead me to the store that sell the expensive copy, I would very much like to own a copy for myself, and as far as I remember it was only manufactured in approx. 1500 copys

Robin Wills said...

Hi Great to hear from you. Is your hair still as perfect? If you feel so inclined, please translate the lyrics. The expensive copy sold...I'll keep an eye out for another

Anonymous said...

Hi Robin
Version 2 corrected !
Yes.. My hair is still that perfect :-)

Just kidding off course, but after 30 years with short hair, I now have returned to the long look again.
However it looks a little bit different, with a tiny twist off grey in it, than when we were "The Sweet Sixteens".

The song B.C.R. was originally an english song with lyrics in english just as you have it on the b-side of the record.
The Big Bad Recordcompany Polygram forced us to make a Danish version, otherwise no publishing !
On the way home from the studio in the bus, we made this "Tribute" to Bay City Rollers, as a protest against being dictated to sing in Danish.
Every Band in Denmark at that time dreamed about going "worldwide", so it was a big stroke for us.
All the bands in that genre in Denmark tried to look like bands like Sweet, Bay City Rollers, Slade etc.

The lyrics are very simple and the subject is, that all the girls are running after Bay City Rollers, so what about all us other poor guys ?

I have been trying to translate it so all the guitarplaying folks in the world can sing it in harmony by the fireplaces, and finally after all this years,
B.C.R. can go worldwide and the dreams of 4 young guys with nice looking hair from Denmark finally comes through !

Thank you.

As the author of this "fantastic lyric" I've been taking me some editorial freedoms in the translation !


I have to tell you girl, I have a crush on you
I’ve been running after you, but you’s so hard to catch
And you keep telling me baby:
“Don’t you love me, I would rather love"
Bay City Rollers
Oh, stay here with me, don’t ever go away, with….
Bay City Rollers
Bay City Rollers

You say that Woody he is, the only guy for you
I don't believe you baby, just look at me
And I wont give a damn about
That guy Woody, and the other four
Bay City Rollers
Oh, stay here with me, don’t ever go away, with….
Bay City Rollers
Bay City Rollers


In love with you, please stay here with me
Don't ever go away, with....
Bay City Rollers
Bay City Rollers

And if I ever see you look the other way
And all the time just trying, avoiding me
Then the message to you will be:
If you'r unfaithfull, just watch me grab !
Susi Quatro !!!!
Oh, stay here with me, don’t ever go away, with….
Bay City Rollers
Bay City Rollers

® 2012 JoJo Music Inc. :-)

Robin Wills said...

wow. I love the angle. So not a tribute but a snotty rebuke with attitude. Thanks so much for sharing. Did you guys record/release anything else?
BTW -what's your first name?

Anonymous said...

Hi again Robin..
We tried a few years later to record a second single, but we had to face we were more a concert band, and with that we had a lot of fun one way and another, you know :-)
Today two of us is still into music, a third one is a world known magican, and the guitarplayer is head of an It-department in a big tranportation-company.
Best wishes

Robin Wills said...

Excellent Thanks Johnny
This is why I do this blog, to bring undiscovered/overlooked gems to life and to tell the story

Anonymous said...

Hello! Fantastic blog! I love it!
Do you remeber what the starting bid was? And how much was it sold for in the shop?

Robin Wills said...

I can#t remember, but it was something ridiculous like £80. I think I got mine for $30

Anonymous said...

Ok, I found a mint ex here in Gothenburg today for 5 Sek (Less than 1 Euro). I´ve never seen it before...and your blog is the only place on internet I can find information about it. So I supose it´s quite rare? I like it though, so i guess i´ll keep it for a while! Thanx for info!


Anonymous said...

So funny to find out something about the band SPEERS ! I´have this single ,and we play it every year for easter when I invite my girlfriends! No party without this song ........ So thank you from a danish woman aged 49 .....

Robin Wills said...

Sounds like my kind of party!