Monday, June 25, 2012

Magnum –I Gotta Move

Magnum –I Gotta Move/Love Me –Rosebud Records NR11266 (US 197?)

Now this isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but for some reason I have a real fondness for this platter. Apparently from Tennessee; Magnum delivery a highly melodic piece of near AOR which kinda sounds Pavlov’s Dog featuring Joey Ramone on vocals, it would also have slotted in quite well on side 2 of BOC’s Agents of Fortune…It’s a bit over-played (just how long did it take them to work out that ending?), but there’s enough melody, Gimmie Shelter Guitar and hooks to make the grade

Hear a full version of I Gotta Move


Anonymous said...

Not bad at all, reminds me of the (ye olde) first REO Speedwagon album for some reason.
Certainly far more palletable to me than their better known UK namesakes.
thanks for the listen,
Roberta Huge-Li-Lo

Popville said...

Hi Robin,

I like this alot too. Reminds me a bit of the more adventuresome Titan pop like Arlis or Gary Charlson. Cheers from San Jose!