Thursday, June 14, 2012

Free Flight –All Your Love

Free Flight –All Your Love/Rock Star –RM Records RM 1001 (US 197?)
All Your Love is a full on Garage/Hard Rock assault immediately recalling Roky Erickson and Bleib Alien’s Red Temple Prayer with the blistering guitar full of Duane Aslaksen twists and turns. Its chorus and simple chord structure make it instantaneously memorable and an outright obscure US classic up there with Lance, Maalstroom or Inside (see previous posts). It looks like the band may have been from Florida and this single was probably self-released in minute quantities with the name of the band stamped on the labels. Did Free Flight perhaps operate under another name? Information is sorely missing…The B side is a good example of primitive Heavy Bonehead mixed in with more subtle moments, but its unveiling will have wait until another day…

Hear a full version of All Your Love


Anonymous said...

Just saw this 45 on eBay:

Do you know who are these guys?
I never heard about KILLER FROG before, nor Masochist Records.


Robin Wills said...

Yeah saw that. No info though

Anonymous said...

Fcking great band!

Collin said...

Way too direct for Roky. Sounds like a misplaced and misdated NWOBHM single produced under war-time slash siege conditions. In any case, brain cells were definitely rationed in the making of this mess.

Anonymous said...

Re: Killer Frog. The record was produced by Gary
Loizzo, who used to be in The American Breed.
This would point to Killer Frog being probably
from the midwest. Apart from that, who knows.
It is pretty great, but then i only spent 1 Euro on
it, when i picked it up on the strength of the band
name and record label some years ago.
Viva la Junkshop!


Robin Wills said...

Hi Phil. Yes I saw the American Breed connection and have tried to approach him. In fact I found a scan of a newspaper and they were from Chicago and released another single also on Masochist.
1 Euro is the way it should be and 288 times more!

Anonymous said...

Hi Robin. Thanks for the info. I'm amazed you came
up with anything, as my measly "research" went no-
where! Hey, if you wanna post the platter, I'll gladly
provide you with label scans and, well, er, a tape with
the tracks on it, maybe? Saves me the bother of having
to start one of those blog thingies myself!
Cheers, Philip

Robin Wills said...

Thanks Phil
I was the loony who spent £288 on it, so no problem with the scans. I will psot something when I get my hands on the other single also released in 1972

Thomas H said...

Free Flight is simply one of the best 45s I´ve heard in quite awhile. Easily up there with Volt Rush Band and the ones you mention. Guess you beat me on this on eBay. Still hitting myself for not tripling my initial bid amount. Argh! But nice to hear the full song. Thanks!