Saturday, April 14, 2012

Utrecht Record Fair Day 2

A really good day’s hunting including one BIGGIE (see at end).
Saturday is the first day open to the public and the cafés and bars finally open. Meaning that I could lunch on the great cheese & egg rolls. I especially enjoy the thin layer of mayonnaise and the extra dimension provided by the crisp cucumber.

The haul...

Don Fardon –Don’t Do That. Ex Sorrows covering Geordie in 1974. Sounds like a pretty raucous version
Peter D. Kelly –Hard Road. Not the Vanda & Young tune as I expected
Ramma Damma.- Rammadamma –French pic sleeve. I now have the full set!
Puhdys –Hell Raiser. East German cover of Sweet and Deep Purple numbers
Garnets –Jerusalem –early pre- Indian Uprising single.
West, Bruce & Laing –The Doctor –Why Dontcha? Well I did…
Easybeats –Rock & Roll Boogie –German pic sleeve
Bonnie St. Clarie -Voulez Vous WITH I Surrender on the B side. Danish release.
Rats –Don’t Let Go –German pic sleeve

Frog –Monie Monie
Bang –Questions –French pic sleeve
Mabel –Close Your Eyes –Danish pic sleeve
Michael Stanley –Rock and Roll Man –pic sleeve
Big Boy Blue –Getting Hungry. Cracking Glam track with Barron Knight involvement
Jinx –I Saw Your Face –nice clean copy of this great BelgoGlam 2-sider
Walkers –Striptease
Maternal Joy –Ticket To The North Pole –with the great Heavy Bonehead B side: Fat
Hard Stuff –Inside Your Life. Both tracks are non-lp

Billy Hamon –Butch Things –finally found the Dutch issue of this stupendous single
Stray Dog –Chevrolet
Equals –Softly Softly. Nice condition UK Demo
Claudia Colonna –Rock ‘n Roll Woman. Looks promising and it was a gift –thanks Gipe.
Teenmakers –Mo’reen. Danish ocver of the Paul Revere and The Raiders’ track
Rattles –The Witch. On Swedish Spark. Is this the same version as the Decca version?
…and 3 more Q65 singles.

And now, without further ado…

Here’s the big one. It WASN’T at all cheap, but how could I not take the plunge?

Plus it is in perfect condition, other copies I have seen have been really rough and at the same price. A no-brainer.
For those who don’t know, check it out here
Sound of Imker from 1969.


Anonymous said...

never heard this track before Im glad I have now though-killer.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on all your killer finds!! Let us all know how that Claudia Connona is!!


Robin Wills said...

Doctor Gaz has left a new comment on your post "Utrecht Record Fair Day 2":

glad you've enjoyed Utrecht so much, hoping you might treat us disciples to the Maternal Joy 2-sider one day Robin

Anonymous said...

Would love an original Imker... mine is the repro from a few years back, love it to bits!

Will have to make it to Utrecht some day!