Saturday, March 24, 2012

Tales –Rockin’ Suzanna

Tales –Someone Like You/ Rockin’ Suzanna –MAM 93 (1973 UK)

On the B side of a commercial poppy affair by Roger Holman and Simon May comes this enjoyable Rolling Stones pastiche. Rockin’ Suzanna is a great  Jagger mimic job. It has all the Jaggerisms down pat over a Down The Road Apiece/Route 66 chugging machine. Nifty guitar too…Imagine a 1972 Stones track without the smack. I’m not sure if Tales was an actual band or not. Is the Christie credit related to John Christie which could underline a De Sykes connection?

Hear a full version of Rockin’ Suzanna

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Dandygregory said...

Christie's '75 German single "The Most Wanted Man In the USA" had a less Stonesy version of this song as it's b side. It was written by Jeff Christie.