Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mongolords –Slight Recession Blues

Mongolords –Slight Recession Blues/Pardon Me –Ganesh R 2885 (1974 US)

Slight Recession Blues is a neat novelty lo-fi Boogie ditty with a Punky edge –just think of Savoy Brown mixed in with the Velvet Underground (check the end part…) it also features some cool Stones-like lead breaks. The overall effect is nice and scuzzy. The Mongolords were out Virginia and the singer was 15 at the time but I am not sure if anything else was released. As relevant today as it was then-Yeah Man –KEEPING IT REAL!

Hear a full version of Slight Recession Blues


the6070Rock said...

Sorry for my mistake when made a compilation with some your songs and did not put your credits. Since 2006 it was my. 1st error, hope you be ok

Rock On

Robin Wills said...

OK although you could really ,make it up to me by finding a copy of Norah nobody gotta be home tonight (Spain 1974) and I mean the vinyl!

Doctor Gaz said...

Robin, good luck finding that Norah 2-sider ('let's do it again' is also great,could they have already been influenced by Sparks so early in 1974?

Wally Gee said...

Actually that band was out of Charlotte, NC. I know because I played guitar on the record :)

Robin Wills said...

Thanks for leaving that comment Wally, did you release anything else at the time?